1. When is the race day? – 2023.10.14 (Saturday).
  2. Registration opened until?until 2023 09 17, 23:59.
  3. Where will be the race centre? – Race centre will be in hotel “Smiltynes Jachklubas”, address: Smiltynes str. 25, Klaipeda 93100, Lithuania. It is located on the other side of Curonian lagoon, so everybody must use ferry.
  4. Can I use free ferry from Klaipeda city to Race Centre? -NO, ferry for pedestrian cost 1,2 EUR (for both sides).
  5. Should I have ticket while registering? – No, it’s enough to have ID photo card, passport or driving license.
  6. Can I pay in cash at registration place? – Yes, but only if you pay for your whole group! This must be agreed with organizer in advance (no credit cards). For individuals we recommend use PAYPAL or our Paysera system (this allow to use many banks and other payment forms).
  7. Why I can’t register after registration is closed? – Because race organizers will be working hard to make event beautiful experience for you!
  8. Why I must enter my email while registering? – It’s for registration data change/cancellation or registration transfer to another person.
  9. Can I transfer my registration to my friend? – Yes, you just need to login to your account and change your data to your friend’s before registration closes.
  10. Can I change running distance or other info? – Only you can change this, you just need to login to system and edit everything you want until registration ends.
  11. Will I get T-shirt? – Yes, if you run 42, 51, 71, 104 KM, choose the right size while registering! Others also can choose T-shirt size and extra 20 EUR will be added to their account.
  12. My stuff will be delivered from start to finish (race centre)? – Yes, in your race packet you will find 2 bags), one for DROP BAG (3rd refreshment point in 38-th kilometre and same bag will be delivered to last drop bag in finish (71th km)) and other for any excess stuff/gear/clothes that you don‘t need at race before start if given (this bag will be delivered to the finish). These 2 bags must be taken out from bus to organizers transport before start. These bags will be used next year so after race please return to volunteers.
  13. What does it mean DROP BAG? – It’s an opportunity to have your own stuff in the 38-th kilometre of the race, for example to change your shoes or wet clothes, also in the 71 th km some extra stuff like headlamp.
  14. When and where I can take my 71, 104 KM BIB number? – On Friday (October 13th) from 18:00 till 22:00 in race center. If you need other time, please write us in Facebook.
  15. Can I take 71, 104 KM race BIB in early morning? – No, we would love to see you in the evening! In early morning from 5:45-6:30 we will check GPX apps in your phones and let enter busses.
  16. Will Bus drives from Aurora hotel to Race center to take 71, 104 KM distance runners? – Yes, bus will be at race center at 6:50 and leaves it after 5 minutes. Don’t be late! Check in race manual where pick up spot is (Green gates to the territory)
  17. Is it necessary to have water bottle/flask? – Yes, but you will be able to order reusable folding silicone cup while registering, which must be used in refreshment points. There won’t be any single use cups in the tracks or at race center!
  18. Should I bring bow, spoon and cup for food in finish? – you might, but we will use eating accessory deposit system which will cost 5 EUR (please have exact amount) and after eating you will receive your 5 EUR
  19. Last year I have transferred my registration what should I do? – If you have transferred your registration from previous year, you should register once more, just use code- TKN2022. Before event everybody used this code will be checked and deleted without warning